Saturday, November 20, 2010

Media Savvy !

Yes, we are engulfed by numerous problems; problems that have deep root causes. We are surrounded by profound sensationalism and hysteria; hysteria, none other than the likes of Aasia Bibi, Shoaib and Sania Marriage, and the Minister who was about to fall out of low blood pressure. The corrupt in our midst far outnumber the national assets we have; every day a new name emerges. The political elite and the rich are extremely unwilling to put their money at stake in the name of taxes and accountability while Imran Khan managed to collect 2 billion rupees only because of the services rendered by the great ‘messiah’ television network. Poverty surrounds us. Our ethical values are painfully poignant to say the least. Our literacy rate is stagnant; only 3 out of ten can read, and one in a thousand can possibly comprehend this blog. From even the ones learned enough to read these lines (one in a thousand), 4 out of 10 earn a living abroad with possible plans on settling there (or are already settled), a cycle often termed as "brain drain". Still, ironical as it may sound, we live in a country whose 93% of the people are adherents of the Book, the very first lines of which start with the word "Read", and the followers of a religion that transformed the whole of Arabia into a centre of enlightenment for Middle-East, Al-Andalus (Spain)-Europe, and beyond. Are we still the Islamic Republic and our land a 'separate homeland for muslims' that our founders envisioned?

The problems that we have tend to infinity, wherein infinity is an uncountable number by the lesser mortals, and only Chuck Norris has the ability to count till infinity twice. Still, what remains to be seen is whether journalism and the media these days are doing the right thing in positively highlighting the problems and directing public opinion towards a constructive goal?

If we are to point out the faults in our government and institutions, let us first start from within. The hunger for viewership and advertisements in the media is just one more kind of corruption plaguing our society and would never solve any of our problems. Pen is surely mightier than the sword and I believe it is about time that our 'pen' be used in a profound manner!

One of the greats in our media savvy nation happens to be Nadeem Farooq Paracha. Yes, Nadeem Farooq Paracha is the ONLY (yes the only one) God fearing momin and 'parha likha' left in this world. He is the most mature gentleman ever!!

Nadeem Farooq Paracha, yes, his views are the ultimate truth too, and he knows everything there is to know about religion - not just ISLAM but every other religion left on this planet earth. Soon his prediction of the end of the world in 2012 would come true and after that, with his great knowledge and wisdom, he will lead us to Mars where we all will live happily ever after. There is no Osama and Mullah Omer on Mars too. On Mars, he will make shaving of beards compulsory, and men who do not shave for three days straight will be declared as terrorists and sent to Guantanamo. As for his own beard, an NRO would be promulgated which would give him shave excuse on legislative grounds.

When Nadeem Farooq Paracha would take us all to Mars, it would be there that he will claim to be the first every prophet of a brand new religion. The name of the new religion is kept in secrecy at the moment and will be revealed after the end of the Earth in 2012. Yes, in 2012, all lesser mortals like Mullah Omer and Junaid Jamshed will perish as only he knows the real route to Mars; the lesser mortals do not even know how the Meteors have to be dodged.


Wow !!


  1. I personally don't know much and haven't read much of nadeem paracha, but I surely agree with you on the problems highlighted in the first part of this article. I thought a lot about the plight of our nation, and I personally believe the only solution is: Meaning full EDUCATION and I believe who ever wants to be a revolutionary for Pakistan, must play his role in educating the masses not just about 2+2=4 but about their rights, about politics, democracy, about what ISLAM actually teaches and what are their duties responsibilities as citizens of a free country. If we can collect like minded people on this ground and aim, we can surely take the first steps towards real revolution, not just words.

    Overall it is a good summary of our current plight!
    Kashif Masud Awan

  2. Kashif - Your analysis are well appreciated and always welcome. The article wasn't meant to be thoroughly serious anyway but just gave a glimpse of what extent we ca possibly go to worship our media icons and be thoroughly gullible about it too !

    Dude - Yes, the article was for you :)

    thanks anyhow !

  3. I've read first four lines and I am in absolute agreement with your post, so much so that I couldn't even resist letting you know that, when I have yet to read the whole post. That Imran Khan & Aasia Bibi bit, Media is highlighting absolute non-issues. The satire was brilliantly, meaningfully and relevantly decorated through your whole post. Mind-boggling!

  4. And by the by, by the time I read your entire post, I then added the last sentence to my comment and clicked "Post Comment".